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3-turntables live-vinyl-cutting-techno-dj-set – „disitislillery“/lipsigio – 006-09-09: mp3…. stereo…. 128kBit/s…. 44mb:….



listen to former live volt.ctrl performances:

madonna:….. → stream
kate bush:….. → stream
paula abdul:….. → stream
pet shop boys:….. → stream
simon & garfunkel:….. → stream
alice in wonderland:….. → stream

streams are in „real-audio“. you may need the → VLC-Player to play.


… but how did he do this?

volt.ctrl's cutter
mr. volt.ctrl was asked by performance artist jackie bruce a.k.a. daniel neumann many years ago if he’d like to join a 24-hours loop performance at the academy of visual arts in leipzig. the idea was: performing 24 times a 60 minutes loop: 20 minutes techno-dj (volt.ctrl), 20 minutes pop-dj, 20 minutes band… to do it over and over again every 60 minutes. the same songs, the same tracks, the same performers. but: because volt.ctrl is not normal, he decided to create loops in a different way: he took a vinyl record + a cutter knife and made precise cuts from one groove to another – in order to get the needle jump backwards exactly one groove. with another identical record on the other turntable one can mix for ours, make cool, loop-based techno-like mixes without any electronic equipment (except one usual dj-mixer).

the first dj-mix above was made with 3 turntables plus some techno- & bootleg-loop-records.


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